some people deserve to die

Some People Deserve To Die – Part 2

Just a continuation from a story I wrote previously on this blog – you can find the first part here:

(Again, just like to reiterate I’m not a bad person :D )


“Right, let’s see who we have here… David Johnson… 42… Oh you have a wife? What’s her name… Louise? Wow, she’s so pretty.”

“F…fuck you” David spluttered.

“Did I say you could interrupt me? HUH?” It was a rhetorical question, you stupid fuck!” I said, kicking him as hard as I could in the ribs. “Don’t you EVER interrupt me again!”

“Anyway, where was I… Oh, you have two kids as well? Twins? Let’s see. Posted on Facebook two weeks ago. ‘Happy 13th birthday to my beautiful girls, Anna and Lilly.’ You disgusting fuck” Another kick to his naked chest. “Imagine the horror on their face WHEN THEY REALISE THAT THEY’RE YOUR FUCKING TYPE!” Another kick – this time, in between the legs. “Isn’t that what you go for these days? Thirteen year olds? PEOPLE LIKE YOU DISGUST ME.”

“Please… please… no more…” David winced.

“Sorry… what was that? I couldn’t quite hear you.


Honestly, people like him are so pathetic. Weak. Cowards. Imagine the pain that these people have caused in their life to young people, left them screaming for help to anyone that can listen, as they’re being sexually abused. Being so mentally scarred of their ordeal that they cannot carry on with their lives anymore. Some have even killed themselves because of it. And now this person in in their position, feeling hopeless. Now he can feel what they’ve gone through.

“Shh… hear that?” Silence. “Nothing. Not a sound.” Even more silence. “I guess they didn’t hear you buddy. I guess your luck’s run out.”

“Wait… what are you going to do with m-?” David couldn’t finish his sentence. I think he knew what was coming, after I powered up the chainsaw.


DCI Tompkins arrived at the local woods, where the body of the middle aged man had been discovered earlier this morning. Already, he noticed the crime scene had been outlined by blue police tape and a white tent. Annoyingly, the local and national press were there too, ready to take pictures and ask questions.

“Couldn’t they just leave us alone so we can actually do our job properly.” Tompkins asked, signalling to the eager photographers, as he showed his badge to the officer on scene.

“You know what it’s like nowadays – they’ll do anything for views these days” DS Lewis said. DCI Tompkins nodded.

“Right. What do we have here then?” he asked, getting straight to the point as always.

“Well…” DS Lewis glanced at his notepad. “We have the body of David Johnson, aged 42, in the police tent. Was discovered in the early hours of this morning by a local runner.”

“Has he been interviewed yet?”

“We had a brief conversation. Obviously still in shock from discovering the body, but he didn’t see anything suspicious while he was running.”

“Didn’t think so.” Tompkins muttered under his breath. “Have the family been contacted yet?”

“No, not yet. We were going to wait until you came here.”

“Thanks for that.” he said, irritated. “Can I see the body?”

“Yes, what remains of him” Lewis stated. DCI Tompkins raised an eyebrow, as they entered the police tent.

“Jesus Christ.” Tompkins exclaimed, as he studied the corpse in more detail.

“As you can see Chief, it’s not just the usual murder that we’re used to” the forensic scientist stepped forward. “We believe that he has been dead for about five hours, an hour before he was discovered. As you can see, his genitals has also been removed by a sharp object, what appears to be caused by a chainsaw. Also, the large bruising on his chest suggests that he was tortured whilst he was alive.”

“His motive is pretty clear then” Tompinks added, indicating towards the writing carved on his chest.


“Exactly. It clearly shows that he has some vendetta towards him. The killer also left him a list of people on a piece of paper. It’s currently being analysed back at the lab for fingerprints.”

“What did it say?”

“It had a list of ten people, all girls, ranging from ages 13 to 17. We suspect that they are all victims of sexual abuse by our friend here”

“How would he know all of this information in the first place?” DS Lewis asked.

“We don’t know. It’s too early to say. Our killer could be anyone – a police officer, a social worker, a nurse or doctor, a counsellor. For all we know, he could be imagining all of this in his head, and the victims are a figment of his imagination”

“So we have nothing to work with?”

“I didn’t say that.” Tompkins snapped. “We have to follow police protocol. We’ll talk to the family of David Johnson first, and then we’ll work our way through the list.”

“And what if they don’t exist?”

DCI Tompkins held his hands up. “Then we really do have nothing to work on.”


WIP? – “Some People Deserve To Die”

Alright, please don’t take this title seriously. I’m not a psychopath XD

Basically, I was reading this book called Then She Was Gone by Luca Veste (good book, would recommend), and whilst reading, I had this idea of a story – a vigilante in a local town, who would kill people that have done terrible crimes. Hence the title “Some People Deserve To Die”

And I know it’s probably been done before, and is quite ironic, but I just thought I’d write a little bit and see where it goes. And I might take this further in the future, who knows?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Now, I know it’s not going to be perfect and it’s quite short, but I’d love to hear some feedback on this, if possible, in ways that I can improve my writing a little :)


Imagine sitting on a bench at your local park. Or on the high street. Just observing everyone who walks past. Single mums, students, businessmen, et cetera. What do you notice? They’re just normal people, right? Carrying on with their busy, normal lives?

But how do we know they are normal?

The simple answer is we don’t. We just assume everyone is normal. A middle-aged man jogging at a leisurely pace? A group of teens playing house music through a speaker? They’re all equally normal.

But the truth is, “innocent-looking people” are roaming around the street, with their attractive looks and fancy haircuts, with stories so fucked up it would send chills down your spine. Rape. Murder. Terrorism. Yet you wouldn’t bat an eyelid at them if they walked past you. Because they’re normal.

I mean, do you ever wonder how many times you shook hands with a murderer in your lifetime? How many times have you looked a paedophile in the eye in the past month? Do you really know the true side to the friends you talk to every day?

Oh by the way, that middle-aged man I mentioned earlier? He sexually assaulted a fourteen-year-old girl. And the group of teenagers? They brutally murdered a homeless guy in a dark alleyway. Poor man had no chance. Stabbed 13 times in the chest and torso.

You have to realise now that this world is fucking scary. And it’s got to a point where we can’t trust anyone anymore. Your friends, your family… even that little old lady who sits next to you on the bus every day, Are they who they say they are?

But that’s where I step in. I find these people, with their dirty secrets and shocking lies, and expose them for who they really are. I hunt them down and make them pay for the crimes they’ve committed. I want the whole world to realise the pain and suffering innocent people have had to suffer, because of these fuckers.

And yes, when I’m eventually caught, I’ll become one of these people. “Murderer.” “Psycho.” “Mentally insane.” “Messed up in the head.” The media will have a field day with the headlines.

But the truth always comes out.
And soon enough, people will start to realise.
That some people deserve to die.

Honestly, I’m not that bad :D