Penguin. (Poem/Rap)

Penguin, penguin,
What rhymes with “penguin”?
Gotta couple girls on the side,
Plus ma peng ting.
Wanna go on a date with me?
Let’s go to Tenpin.
Almost killed a man with my rhymes.
Fam, I went in!

I ain’t good at pretendin’.
They see me catching my guard like I’m fencing.
Coz I can get any gyal I like
With the rev of my engineeeee!

It’s amazing sometimes what I can come up with when I bored 😂😂


What is Love? (Poem)

(Baby don’t hurt me.)

This is just a little poem that I wrote in Creative Writing, but I thought I’d share it, because although it’s not great, I kinda liked it.
For context, we were given Adrian Henri’s poem “Love Is” in class… and we just had to use it as a prompt for our own poem “expressing our understanding of love”.

So here’s what I wrote :)


Love is…

Love is… having arguments over pointless things

Like telling her she’s really annoying when she sings.

Love is constantly saying “yes dear”
When she’s constantly talking for about… five years.

Love is sitting for five hours on the same seat

As she takes ages to decide what to eat.

Love is her turning back, giving you that frown
Because you’ve forgotten to put the toilet seat down.
Love is hitting you on the side everytime you snore
Or when you’ve left your dirty washing again on the floor.

But then again…
Love is all about embracing each other’s flaws.

And when you lie together on the sand
Holding each other hand-in-hand
Celebrating five years in each other’s life…

Love is the moment you want her to be your wife.

The Man In The Mirror. (Poem)

I look at myself in the mirror.
Or at least, I think that’s me?
I don’t know anymore.
This person looks emotionally drained,
With bags under his eyes,
Dilated pupils – like a deer in headlights,
He stares into the abyss for a moment,
Until your eyes meet with him.
That flicker of confusion and terror plastered on your faces,
Will stay with you forever.

It’s like you’ve both seen a ghost.