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Book Review: In A Cottage In A Wood by Cass Green

The ‘Boring’ Book Info:

Book Title: “In A Cottage In A Wood” by Cass Green
IBSN: 9780008248956
Published: September 2017
Book Publisher: Harper Collins
Pages: 314

I must admit, In A Cottage In A Wood was something that I’ve wanted to read in a while. I’ve seen it around on Goodreads, and it sounded really interesting.

The story starts with thirty-year-old Neve, who wakes up in a hotel room after a one-night stand with a man – who claimed to be in London for a conference. Feeling ‘shit-faced’, tired, and the prospect that she’ll get a lecture from her sister, she heads home and walks across Waterloo Bridge.

From there, she has a surprise encounter with a girl named Isabelle on the bridge, wearing nothing but a black dress. In the short time they speak, Isabelle hands Neve a brown envelope – a “gift” – before jumping to her death into the Thames. A few days later, Neve was told by the police that Isabelle had sewn lead tape into the hem of her dress, causing her to sink quicker.

With increased tension with her sister and brother-in-law, plus with the fact that her life has essentially gone to pieces, she receives a letter from the police to visit her solicitors ‘in her interest’, where she goes and finds out some shocking news; the woman she saw commit suicide has given her the gift of a cottage in Cornwall.

This seems like the PERFECT opportunity to all of her problems – she can leave London, live on her own and soon enough, she can sell it on the market and gain extra money and solve her financial issues.

However, when she arrives at the property, she realises, with horror, that this isn’t the pretty little cottage she had in her mind. There’s bars on all of the windows. A dead magpie lives on the doorstep. There are multiple locks on the door. Everything about this sinister-looking building is screaming “Sell the house as fast as you can. Then GET OUT OF THERE”

And it appears she’s not the only one who wants her to leave…

But before she sells, Neve wants to find out more about Isabelle. Who was she? What is her past? What caused her to jump off the bridge that December? And why was Neve the ‘chosen one’ for the house?


With In a Cottage In a Wood, I was expecting a non-stop psychological thriller, where there is constant suspense and tension throughout – and with it being it a short book, I was expecting it to be finished it with four or five hours, and be like “OMG THIS WAS FUCKING INTENSE AND INSANE”

However, whilst I was reading this, I thought “Hang on. This is more of a mystery than a thriller… oh. :/”. Which is fine, if that’s the kind of books you like reading.

But, I wasn’t expecting a ‘slow-burner’ mystery that only got exciting towards the last thirty pages. Sure, there were little moments throughout the book that made it a little interesting – but I just felt like it wasn’t enough to keep me engaged.

As far as ending’s go, it was great at tying loose ends together, even if I may have suspected the potential plot twist towards the middle of the book (well, I got one out of two – does that count? 50% is a pass, right?! :D).


I don’t know, maybe I was expecting something different or had my expectations set too high. However, if you’re looking for a slow-burner mystery where it all becomes clear at the end, this is the book for you. If you’re expecting an edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller with an extra side dish of horror like myself, then I’d suggest reading something else.

Overall review: 4/10