My Writing

New Message (Part 1)

New message. At twelve. Twenty-four. AM.

“Hi. it’s your depression again.
Just seeing if you miss me.
It’s been over a week since our last meeting,
But don’t worry – I’ll be back in three.
And just before you decide not to answer like last time,
Remember who’s got a spare key.
I can unlock your mind, any time or place
So you’d better get some therapy!
You try to block me out of your mind,
But it’s clear to both of us that I’m here to stay.
And no matter how hard you’ll try,
I want you to know I’m your guardian angel and will show you the way.
You think I’m the devil? You must have it twisted,
I’m giving you the harsh truth.
Want to believe in that man looking down at us?
Ha! You really do have some screws loose!

You want to get better? Look at yourself!
Stop living in this fantasy
Get your head from the clouds into a dictionary.
Look up the definition of insanity.
Soon enough you’ll be hit with de ja vu
And a sense of reality.
Still don’t get it? My God, your pathetic.
Looks like I’m gonna use profanity.

So you’re gonna blame me for your symptoms,
And act like the victim?
Not the fact that you’re like everyone else,
and you don’t fucking listen?
You stay confined in the walls of your room,
Like it’s a prison.
Let me pose you this question, Matt:
Is that a life worth living?
You convince yourself that I’m my visions are lies,
They’re ‘all in your head’.
But how can you live life in your own bed?
How can you live life WISHING WE WERE BOTH DEAD?”


I need to fix my life.

I need to fix my life…

I need to stop overthinking.
I need to stop comparing myself to my friends.
I need to stop taking things so seriously and start living life.
I need to get rid of my negative thoughts
And my constant social paranoia.
I need to continue making appointments with my doctor,
I need to continue taking my antidepressants.
And I need to speak to a counsellor about my problems.
In fact, I need to speak to my friends and family more often.

I need to stop wasting time.
I need to pick up a pen instead of my phone.
I need to pick up a book instead of my PlayStation controller.
I need to cut back on my addictions,
So I can revise for my exams…
…shit. That’s something else I need to do… damn.

I need to change my habits.
I need to breathe.
I need to stop punching walls when I get angry,
Or sad.
I need to remember that it’s okay to cry,
Rather than keep my emotions to myself.

I need to remember that things will should may get better.
I need to push myself out of my comfort zone.
I need to keep my bedroom clean.
I need to keep myself clean.
I need to stay healthy,
By eating, sleeping and drinking enough,
And carry on exercising.

But most of all,
I need to feel loved. Appreciated. Liked. Wanted. You name it.

…I just have no idea where to start.

Penguin. (Poem/Rap)

Penguin, penguin,
What rhymes with “penguin”?
Gotta couple girls on the side,
Plus ma peng ting.
Wanna go on a date with me?
Let’s go to Tenpin.
Almost killed a man with my rhymes.
Fam, I went in!

I ain’t good at pretendin’.
They see me catching my guard like I’m fencing.
Coz I can get any gyal I like
With the rev of my engineeeee!

It’s amazing sometimes what I can come up with when I bored 😂😂

How To Charm A Girl.

Lads – here’s how to charm a girl,
With just a few simple steps.
No need to workout at the gym,
So stop doing those reps.

Girls don’t like it when you show off,
So stop flexin’ in your IG pics.
And whatever you do lads,
Don’t send her snaps of your dick!

Instead, just give her a single rose!
That will certainly wow her.
Then say “I hand-picked it myself.
But there’s something else I’d like to deflower.”

With a little bit of charm,
And a little bit of luck,
At the end of the night,
You’ll go to her place and fu-

Yeah… as you can tell, I’m still single… no idea why though? 🤔😂😂😭

What is Love? (Poem)

(Baby don’t hurt me.)

This is just a little poem that I wrote in Creative Writing, but I thought I’d share it, because although it’s not great, I kinda liked it.
For context, we were given Adrian Henri’s poem “Love Is” in class… and we just had to use it as a prompt for our own poem “expressing our understanding of love”.

So here’s what I wrote :)


Love is…

Love is… having arguments over pointless things

Like telling her she’s really annoying when she sings.

Love is constantly saying “yes dear”
When she’s constantly talking for about… five years.

Love is sitting for five hours on the same seat

As she takes ages to decide what to eat.

Love is her turning back, giving you that frown
Because you’ve forgotten to put the toilet seat down.
Love is hitting you on the side everytime you snore
Or when you’ve left your dirty washing again on the floor.

But then again…
Love is all about embracing each other’s flaws.

And when you lie together on the sand
Holding each other hand-in-hand
Celebrating five years in each other’s life…

Love is the moment you want her to be your wife.