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Starting Again.

Around two years ago, I started this blog, and to be honest, it’s changed dramatically since. It was originally called ‘TheMattClarkBlog’, which was (quite frankly) boring. It had lame articles that got between ten and two hundred views, which I still don’t know how.

Fast forward two years, and here I am, writing this. I’ve had thousands of views so far… in total, I mean – not on a single post (imagine that!), around thirty or so followers (of course, thank you to everyone for following and reading thestuff I post now and again), and I’ve changed from writing articles to creative writing and book reviews.

But I suppose that one thing I’ve realised is that things change. People change.

I’ll use myself as an example. Around a year ago, I went through a period of depression and social anxiety, and… I was in a dark place. Very dark place, which I didn’t think I’d be able to get out.

But things change. And now, I’m feeling better (thanks to my antidepressants), I feel like I’m able to function fully now… I don’t know how to describe it.

So I’m reading through my old writing, and while it helped me get the help I needed, there are two thoughts going through my mind at the moment. 1. “This isn’t me. I barely recognise this anymore.” and 2. “Why would anybody want to read this?” Because to be blunt, it’s either depressing or rubbish.

So I’ve decided to start again. I’m just going to delete everything I’ve written so far on this blog. Again.

Sure, I’m changing history. I’m effectively deleting my “older self”
However, I’m not happy with what I’ve written for the past year, and I want to start again. Clean slate.

What will I write now? I don’t know – reviews, satirical articles, maybe some of my writing and mental health stuff. Essentially the same stuff… but I want to be more consistent, and my content to be more professional and light-hearted.

Thank you so much for supporting the blog, and hopefully things will get better too :)



The Boy in the Woods.

You feel them.
Every time you go through the woods.

Oh no…
Your paranoia has taken over again.
You look around.
Three times.
Your anxiety levels have risen.
Your heart rate has doubled…

There’s nothing there.
Like usual.
How could you be so stupid?

Shaken up, you continue walking.
You’re still listening to that song by The Chainsmokers,
When you feel the eyes again.
Only this time… they seem… closer.

You feel something.
On the back of your neck.
You shiver.
Is it wind? you ask, before turning around.
That’s when you see him.
The boy in the woods.

Is your mind playing tricks?
You don’t care.
You’re spooked.
You run as fast as you can.

You’ve been running for minutes now.
You slow down.
Phew. You’re safe.

But then you see him again.

And that’s when you realise,
That nobody escapes,
The boy in the woods.

I have no idea what this was :D
I thought about this earlier when I was mid panic-attack; I was walking in the woods and I thought there was someone watching me.
So I thought I’d play on the idea a bit.
Hope you guys enjoy :)


Book Review: Crime Song by David Swinson

*I won Crime Song in a recent Goodreads giveaway, so before I start my review, I’d like to quickly say a massive thank you to Hodder Books for running it and allowing me the chance to read this book 👍*


Frank Marr was a former cop in the D.C. police after he was forced into early retirement due to his drug addiction. Now a private investigator, he takes on a case close to home – to spy on his cousin Jeffrey as a favour for his aunt, who suspects that he was dealing drugs. After a long night of surveillance in a nightclub, he returns home to find that his house has been burgled, and his possessions have been stolen – his laptop, his flat-screen TV, his turntable, his vinyl and CD collection and his .38 revolver. At the crime scene, a body has been left on the kitchen floor, and it doesn’t take Marr long to recognise who it is. It’s Jeffrey. In Crime Song, Frank Marr unravels the mystery towards what happened to his stuff (and Jeffrey), taking him deeper into a network of thieves, crooked cops and drug addicts, in a mission which could get him killed.


Crime Song is different to most crime thriller novels that I’ve read recently. It’s more of a “let’s cut the bullshit out, and get down to BUSINESS”, one man solving a case with virtually zero fucks given. Like some nitty-gritty crime series that the BBC would show (just without 99% of the swearing)

The pacing of this story was really good – everything didn’t happen at once, nor did it become so slow that it became unbearable to read. It was right in the middle and was consistent throughout the entire story.

The main character, Frank Marr, was also easily likeable, despite his flaws, such as his drug addiction and saying ‘fuck’ every other sentence, which was annoying to read at first, but you get used to it eventually.

The side characters were pretty interesting too – even if they have their flaws like Marr, I noticed that I started to feel empathy and anger towards them at the end. I suppose that being an ex-cop himself, Swinson knows about this stuff well, and how good people can get themselves involved in bad situations, and his previous knowledge as a cop really showed in Crime Song.

I think that’s why this book stood out for me – it’s not just a simple case of finding out “who dunnit?”, it actually goes much deeper, and if it wasn’t for exams, I could have easily finished it in a day or two. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and now I need to read The Second Girl in the near future too.

Overall rating: 4.5/5