ARC Book Review: The Hidden Keys by André Alexis

I received an ARC of The Hidden Keys in a recent Goodreads giveaway, so of course, I have to thank Serpent’s Tail for giving me the chance to win and read this book :)

Also apologies for bad image quality of the book :(

This book was a strange one… but strange in a good way. I mean, you’ve got a talented thief, a wealthy and old heroin addict, an albino thug with an interesting and uncomfortable nickname, an eccentric architect who turns dead animals into mantlepiece objects, and a really confusing puzzle involving different artefacts and a deceased father.

I don’t know. I suppose it’s valuable. But this isn’t about money or wealth or anything like that. It’s about finding what my father hid. If I had time with the other mementos, I know I could figure this whole thing out. I was always good at treasure hunts.

The story starts when Tancred Palmieri meets up with ageing drug addict Willow Azarian in a bar. She reveals to Tancred about her deceased billionaire father, Robert Azarian, and how he left each of his five children an artefact – a Japanese screen, a painting that plays music, an aquavit bottle, a framed poem, and a model of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater.

Although these have sentimental values to each child, Willow is convinced that each artefact is also a clue that will lead her to the location of her late father’s fortune, so she convinces Tancred to steal these items for her, so they can solve the puzzle.

However, the other children believe that this was just a way of distracting her from her drug addiction, and there is no such thing as a puzzle or fortune, and with growing competition from others, can Tancred and Willow discover the truth before it’s too late?


I will admit, this isn’t necessarily a book genre I would read. But I actually enjoyed The Hidden Keys, which, to be honest, surprised me a little. I guess it was the combination of a) trying to work out the puzzle for twenty minutes or until I got a headache, and b) the interesting characters in this book, that really made me want to read on until the end.

Eh, might have to try out more puzzle books in the near future then. :)


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