I’ve Decided To Delete Facebook

I’ve decided to delete Facebook,
Because the last thing I found myself doing,
Was putting my face in a book.
As instead, I’d spend my day staring at a screen,
Looking at some drama queen causing a scene,
And while I’m glued to Facebook for hours on end,
I realise that I don’t have 142 friends.
In fact, I have hardly any friends at all,
And as I start crying and stare at my wall,
Hoping and praying for a message or a call,
With someone saying “Hey.
Although life might seem grey,
I just wanted to quickly say,
That everything is going to be okay.
And that I’m here for you,”
The only notification I get is from O2,
Talking about their latest Pay As You Go deal.
And that’s exactly how I feel.
I feel just as ignored as an O2 text.
And no one cares about what I do next.
It feels like nobody would bat an eye,
If I was going to post on Facebook,
Saying “#GonnaCommitSuicide”

Or maybe it’s just me.
The fact that I’m anti-social,
And I have constant anxiety.
The fact that I can’t have a normal conversation
Without feeling like I’m gonna pass out,
The fact that I can’t go to public areas,
Without wanting to scream and shout.

But I’ve spent so much time on Facebook.
Time that I’ll never get back.
And when I’m on my deathbed,
I’ll wish that I had used my time better.
And with the way I’m feeling,
My time might run out soon.

So I’ve decided to delete Facebook.
Before it’s too late for me.


One comment

  1. Virtual existence is a reality too new for this old dog although I have been thinking about giving it a try, of late.
    Nice work
    God bless


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