Unrequited Love

This is the story of unrequited love,
As a young man wakes up, crying in his bed.
As he struggles to control all of his emotions,
And the thoughts flying around in his head.
At the moment, he’s a complete mess,
As all he wants to do is hide,
He starts wondering if life’s worth living,
When he’s dreaming about committing suicide.

You see, there was a girl that he loved,
Who was beautiful.
Perfect in every single way.
And he wanted to say he loved her for almost a year,
But he always lived in this forever growing fear,
That she didn’t like him in the same way.
So he decided to write a love poem instead.
And he thought in his head that if he sent it to his lover,
About how they were made for each other,
How they would hold hands all day and night,
How they would kiss at the first glance of sunlight,
How their future was going to be bright together,
How he would be there no matter the weather,
He thought it would  get the girl.
He thought it would make her enter his world.
But that didn’t happen.
Becuase as his love for her increases,
His feelings were quickly shattered into pieces.
As he found out she was in love with another guy.
It took him by complete surprise,
And at that point, he had tears in his eyes,
Because no matter how hard he tries,
When he falls in love with someone,
He’s always left broken inside.

A week later, he’s still struggling to cope with the pain,
And now he’s scared of falling deeply in love again.


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